USITOO rents items for your all your needs


The concept

Who buys anymore? Try renting instead!

Usitoo lets you rent items that you only use once or twice a year. It’s less expensive than buying, takes up less space and is eco-friendly. Unload your clutter on us!

Usitoo was founded on the idea that it’s much smarter to recycle, repair, donate and re-sell items than to buy everything new. Reusing an item and extending its life is good for the planet.

You can rent items as you need them with the extensive Usitoo catalogue of items. Plus you’ll be a part of our amazing community of Usitoo users. We even have our own exchange currency: USI points.

The benefits

Talk about benefits! For you. For the planet.


Renting is less expensive than buying
No need to pay a deposit

Usitoo bonus: your account can be used by anyone you live with (up to 6 people).


Items are shipped nearby to one of our Usi-handover points or even delivered straight to you for a small fee
You choose where to pick it up and drop it off, whether it’s near your office or near your house

Usitoo bonus: become a Usi-handover point and earn Usi points.


Renting means buying less and therefore less shipping and waste
We’ll “pay” you in Usi points for any working items that you’re trying to get off your hands

Usitoo bonus: we repair items instead of throwing them out.

"A woman with rolled jean and bare feet s is using a  pressure washer sprayer to clean a weathered treated wood deck. The wood on the left has been cleaned, the right is weathered and dirty. Focus is on the wood, the nozzle is slightly soft."

I want to RENT an item

(or several)

More items get added to our catalogue every day. Usitoo has you covered on everything from DIY and party supplies to gardening and moving.
We’re flexible: rent an item for 3 days, 1 week or 1 month depending on how long you need it.
Which are you more of:
A LONG-TERM USITOR: we have several packs of points, at decreasing prices (see our prices).
A SHORT TERM USITOR: you can pay transaction by transaction.
What’s nice: Usi points are transferable. You can gift them to friends and family. And a little “Usitoo” bonus: Usi points never expire.

I want to GET RID OF an item

(or several)

We collect items that you’re trying to get off your hands. Donate them to us or exchange them for Usi points that you can then use to rent other items.

Keep an eye on our wish list.

Offer us your items! They’ll make a Usitoo user happy. How? Fill out our form or send an us an email at

We motivate you to do your spring cleaning all year round!

Full Garage
Content bearded man in shirt and glasses looking super excited holding thumbs up.

I want to become a CO-OPERATOR

(that’s a great idea)

Being a Usitoo co-operator means investing in a company that creates local and sustainable jobs. That’s awesome!
Usitoo needs your help in financing its venture. How are we going to use your money? We invest in our catalogue, the reach of our delivery network and in reducing our environmental impact.

I want to become a co-operator.. One share costs €100.

Pssssst : Psst: starting at 5 shares (€500), you’ll even get a tax advantage.

Co-operative company

A business-model that makes sense

Usitoo wants to be a part of the functionality and collaborative economy dynamics. That’s why Usitoo is a scrl, open to anyone who wants to become a co-operator. Our bylaws are transparent, accessible online, and provide a fair redistribution of what we’ll generate together. We support the cooperative spirit and are therefore approved by the National Cooperation Council.


Stronger together

In addition to our many talented co-operators, we aim to build a broad network of partners. The Brussels government was the first to support us and has selected our project as part of BE Circular, the regional program for circular economy.