[HOWTO] The travel cot

To avoid pinching your fingers or hurting your back, follow these steps on how to fold and unfold your children’s travel cot. Each model has its own features, but this video shows you how to do it using a newer model. To follow with text, read below.

Assembling a folding cot 

Before removing the folding cot from its travel case, make sure you have the space to open it. Dimensions of the folding cot are normally indicated on its packaging.

  1. Lift the 2 longer sides of the bed with energy
  2. Life the other 2 sides (the shorter ones), vigorously pressing then lifting
  3. Place the bed’s bottom along with the mattress
  4. Lock the security system (usually provided), which prevents the sides from falling on the child

The only thing left to do is to put your baby or small child in his or her bed.

Note: some models of folding cot have a button that facilitates setup.

 Disassembling the folding cot

Before breaking down your children’s folding cot, undo its security system (if your model has one).

  1. Take out the baby (just kidding…) and mattress
  2. Pull on the handle at the bottom of the cot
  3. Once the bars are up, press the button in the middle of the fabric to unlock the sides
  4. When the 4 sides of the cot are released, lower them down
  5. Re-wrap the bed’s bottom around the folded cot
  6. Fasten the velcro straps and put everything in its bag

Some last advice 

  • Consider putting a net over the bed: it will both help prevent your child from escaping and also the intrusion of the cat or mosquitoes.
  • Do not let older children (or adults) into the cot. The weight limit that your folding cot supports is indicated in its specs sheet.
  • Check where the cot has been set up in the makeshift bedroom. The baby should not be able to grab hold of dangerous items or put them in their mouth while you’re not around. Or that there’s no risk in case they’re able to escape the cot (open windows, unstable furniture, etc.).
  • Let the baby get accustomed to this new cot, at your home, several days before leaving. This way, they will be less unsettled when it’s used in an unknown place.
  • Practicing how to fold and unfold is recommended when not in the presence of a crying, exhausted baby.

Rent your travel cot from Usitoo. This temporary item is not worth buying. And make sure you know how to open and put it away at least a day ahead of time. 

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