Partnership for Objects

Here are more details about Usitoo and the partnership we would like to propose you.

At Usitoo we promote the economy of maximum usage through rental and repair and intends to become the European reference for more sustainable and responsible consumption.

Operational in Brussels since 2018, our business model is gradually convincing more and more citizens, and we are preparing our platform to be replicated in all European cities.

A rented object saves 279 kg of CO2 and 45 kg of natural resources and it also saves money and time for the user.

Our users are mainly citizens who are interested in renting to meet their specific needs while ensuring the socio-environmental impact of their consumption patterns. Our very wide range of products enables them to meet their needs, whether it is for DIY, gardening, to organize a party or to go on holiday.

If you would like to be part of our journey, you can support us with second hand/refurbished products or also with older models/discontinued/demo products that are taking space in your storage.

We will make sure people make the best use of the products!

By supporting us you will be supporting a circular organization and help us increase our positive impact in the world.

We will also promote this partnership in our website and social media. Besides, that we are in constant contact with our customer, so we could be another point of contact/feedback to your products and it can be a great place for them to test the product before buying it.

Together we can create positive impact in the world fighting climate change by reducing waste, cutting CO2 emissions and promoting the circular economy.

If all of this makes sense to you, we would love to talk with you!

Just send us an email to