Usitoo for Cities


Today, social addiction to (over-)consumption leads to non-sense: 99% of the objects we buy are not used anymore after only 6 months. It results in environmental issues with air-soil-water pollution and GHG emissions, while resources are depleted due to increasing manufacturing needs. Alternatives to possession already exist: rental shops, sharing platforms and informal lending. But these are not intensively used because it is often too pricey when compared to the acquisition price, it is considered too time-consuming to make it worthwhile, and it is perceived too risky in case you damage the object of your neighbour.

Another solution is needed: Usitoo is an online catalogue gathering in one place all objects, across a very large variety of usages, that one uses only a few times per year. With a few clicks, customers can book WHAT they need for WHEN they need it, and even tell WHERE they want it since Usitoo establishes a network of delivery points in the city. Modern, fast and affordable solution where all risks are covered, it reinvents consumption and pays attention to unclogging the city by managing deliveries in a circular and efficient way.


You can see the service as it has been prototyped in Brussels on the other pages of the present website: it is a circular e-rental model that valorizes all the unused objects “sleeping” in the city while avoiding these to become waste, saving CO2 emissions and allowing citizens to save money (by renting at a low price instead of buying).

At the core of Usitoo model are logistics to have the correct and maintained objects delivered at the agreed spot on the agreed day. Organizing the operations relies on our web platform that manages availability of the objects, takes orders and optimizes delivery. The platform models and streamlines the associated know-how.

To be released in Septembre 2021, Usitoo has embedded all its know-how into a software platform (Software-as-a-Service, aka SaaS) that city actors will be able to use to run a localized Usitoo solution for the inhabitants of their territory. In addition, Usitoo will also provide additional services, from acquisition and encoding of the first catalogue to first-line support services for the citizens/users.

Interested to know more? Or eager to be one of our first pilot in 2021? Contact us on