What is Usitoo ? Why Usitoo for Cities ?

At Usitoo we promote the economy of maximum usage through rental and repair and intends to become the European reference for more sustainable and responsible consumption.

We care about the planet, and we create positive impact by reducing waste, cutting CO2 emissions, and promoting circular economy. We give citizens access to products used less than three times per year with a simple rental process that does not need a deposit, is much cheaper than buying and is delivered nearby the user place. And we create local jobs.

If each citizen in the world was able to rent (instead of buy) the objects she or he needs once or twice per year (such as the objects of our catalogue), tens of millions of tons of CO2 would be avoided, and millions of tons of earth resources not extracted.

This is why we are preparing to make our solution available to cities.

What would Usitoo deliver for you?

  • a ready-to-deploy system that empowers local employment, resilience and pave the way to become a sustainable city for the future
  • a unique turnkey software solution, ready-to-run
  • our logistical and operational know-how (acquiring the first objects, organizing the warehouse, partnering with local Usi-handovers, communicating towards citizens, training the logistics team…)
  • dedicated support and coaching services

Why a survey ?

Regularly asked to replicate Usitoo in other cities than Brussels, we aim at better understanding the current and future issues and needs of these cities.

This is the purpose of the present survey that will take you only 10 minutes to answer. Thank you!